Friday, May 4, 2012

263 Art Gallery presents :

"A Scottish Affair"

Jacqui Hawk, mixed media artist from Dunstable MA, is the featured artist for May at
263 Art Gallery located at 263 Main street in Nashua, NH.

The Public is invited to the Artist Reception on
Saturday, May 12 from 2 to 5 pm.

Jacqui will be showcasing some new artwork, inspired by her recent trip to her birthplace, Edinburgh, Scotland

Refreshments will be served.


Jacqui Hawk is a native of Edinburgh, Scotland and began her career in the arts over 20 years. Each of her paintings are emotional in nature and a metaphor for her  life’s journey, from Scottish origins, travels around the world, personal struggles and challenges. It embodies the magic and whimsical illusions of a child and the strength and wisdom of a woman with an old soul. Her work is intuitive in nature and very spontaneous and always reflects what is going on inside of her.

She works mainly in mixed media, including acrylics, oils, wax, pearlescent powders, gesso of different consistencies, stained glass pieces, decoupage, and unusual objects she finds washed up on the beach. Her recent works, inspired by her trip to Scotland and reunion with family brings her past into her future, reconnects her with her ancient ancestry and culture.  The Scottish pieces are vibrant, unique and capture a certain sense of mystery and love for her homeland.  
Twitter : @jacquihawkart


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March Exhibit at 263 Art Gallery

263 Art Gallery located in the Historical Victorian house at 263 Main St., Nashua, NH will host three talented artists during the month of March, 2012, namely

William C. Turner’s From Horses to Horsepower”,

Toni DeRuntz’s Romantic Realism vs. Abstract Expressionism”,

and Monika Roglic, fabric painter on women’s clothing.

The opening reception for the exhibit will be on Sat., Mar. 17th, from 2-5 p.m.

On March 17th, during the Art Opening, Mrs. Roglic will present a fashion show of her latest couture creations. Monika Roglic paints on silks and her designs are used on wedding gowns and formal dresses. The dresses will be modeled by Kelly and Elizabeth Scrima.

Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres will be served and the Opening is free to the public.

All are invited

Toni DeRuntz was born in Palo Alto California and studied under Stephan Baumann, one of the top 100 Southwest artists in the U.S. She also studied under Alisa Miller, portraitist, and after having being included in shows including the top ten Marine artists in the U.S. Toni had a solo show in Monterey California. After moving to the East Coast she studied under Harriet Winchester and showed successfully in various art galleries on the east coast as well as other art galleries in the U.S. She has been included in juried shows at Museums in Fitchburg, Lowell and Andover. She was awarded the Golden Easel on October the 3d, 2001 by the Nashua Area Artist Association. She has had her artwork featured in articles in Newspapers and Magazines

William C Turner, received his BFA from NH Institute of Art, Manchester and was awarded national recognition for his paintings from the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylics, and Allied Artists of America, as well as many awards from regional exhibitions. His works are featured in an article in the Fall/Winter 2011 Monadnock Living Magazine.

His love of New England, and natural and mechanical “horsepower” have been a source of inspiration for him. As a life-long learner, Bill is currently exploring new and various techniques in rendering his art.

Monika Roglic, a Croatian-American artist, teacher and award winner psychology graduate, dedicates her life to painting the things she loves the most: the Mediterranean. She works with oils and acrylic, as well as watercolor on silk. Monika is a pianist so while she paints she listens to classical music. She is a published author(poetry), who keeps the tradition of her homeland alive in these turbulent 'global' times by taking photographs of the old world of Dalmatia. Monika had an exhibit at the Croatian Heritage foundation in 2010.

What makes her work unique is that she hand paints fabric-silk and then transforms the pieces of colorful art into a simple pattern that is wearable.

Student art Show at 263 Art Gallery. February 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Student Art show in February

Student Art show at 263 Art gallery in Nashua
Kelly Scrima, young student at Hollis Brookline, organized a student Art Show at 263 Art Gallery during the Month of February.
The students involved are Kelly Scrima, Meagan Cahill, Dana Avard, Jen Turner, Eleni Philipon and Brock Green. The Opening will be on February 11 and all are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served
The idea of a student run and based art show that would allow high schoolers to display their Art in a professional setting, has been brewing around in Kelly Scrima's mind for quite some time. All of the artists are a part of the AP Studio Art program at Hollis-Brookline High School, under the direction of Lina Pepper. Kelly will be pursuing Art History in college next year (along with theatre), in the hopes of some day becoming a curator. She loves Museums, and she could spend all day in them. With this exhibit she wants to create an atmosphere that is enticing and thought-provoking.
263 Art Gallery is located in the beautiful Victorian building located at 263 Main street in Nashua, NH
For more information about the Opening, call the owner Pong Maynard at 603- 321 0233
10% of the sales will go to Charity and the money collected for Charity at the last exhibit will be given to the Humane Society during the new Opening.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merrry Christmas from 263 Art Gallery!

Nashua art gallery celebrating artists who exhibited there in 2011
                                                          Published: Thursday, December 15, 2011

NASHUA – It has been said that art is the international language, crossing all cultures and creeds.
That certainly holds true at the 263 Art Gallery, as a cosmopolitan group of artists will be gathering for “Holiday Celebrations,” commemorating the wide number of practitioners who have exhibited at the gallery over the last year.
The reception, which will take place from 3-6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 18, will feature works by Marilene Sawaf, Hsui Norcott, Albine Vermot Gaude, Gay Gawron, Suzanne Binnie and Alene Sirott-Cope, of Hollis; Pat Steiner, of Nashua; Jacqui Hawk, of Dunstable, Mass.; and Donna Howard, of Burlington, Mass.
Many of these artists hail from different parts of the globe: Sawaf is from Lebanon, Norcott from China, Hawk from Scotland and Vermot Gaude from France.
“The gallery has been in business for over a year,” said Hawk, who helps with publicity. “Every month, we have an Artist of the Month exhibit. This is the end-of-the-year celebration, featuring all of the artists who have exhibited here over the year.
“We’re inviting the public to a wine and cheese reception, where they can meet with the artists and discuss their work.”
The approaches that the artists bring to their productions are as varied as their origins, Hawk said.
“I’m a mixed-media artist,” she said. “I work with anything involving texture – wax, glass, decoupage, modeling clay. Marilene, on the other hand, is an oil painter, Hsui paints with oil on silk and Donna is a very whimsical artist.”
Hawk says one of the aims of the gallery is to promote local artists and their work.
“I don’t know why, but there’s a real resurgence in purchasing original art,” she said. “I personally have sold 33 paintings this year, which is quite significant for an emerging artist. There’s definitely an upward swing, which is so encouraging given this tough economy.”
Given that 10 percent of all sales at the reception will be donated to the Humane Society for Greater Nashua, it’s only natural that one of the exhibitors, Sirott-Cope, should have made a vocation out of creating pet portraits.
“I started in professional graphic design and somehow ended up in pottery,” she said. “After that, I switched to making jewelry, and that was my profession for a while. Recently, though, I’ve been focusing on pets, including dogs and cats.”
This sort of subject matter makes an ideal holiday gift, Sirott-Cope said.
“I get a lot of work over the holiday season,” she said. “I have three dogs myself, so it was kind of a natural thing to combine my love of pets with my art. I believe that the 263 Gallery has about eight or nine of these pieces on display right now.”
The move into pet portraiture is a new thing for Sirott-Cope, as she started producing them only over last summer.
“I was admiring the work of some of my friends, who work strictly in oils or acrylics, and this inspired me to go into the fine arts myself,” she said. “But instead of painting portraits, I decided to combine painting with Photoshop. I just fell in love with the idea of portraying these little stories that people have around their pets.”
Sirott-Cope discovered there was a definite need for pet owners to reconnect with their companions that have died.
“I had one customer who had a pet that had passed away, and he wanted to memorialize him by having a multimedia portrait,” she said. “Prior to that, I had just been creating portraits for people who loved their cats and dogs. Now, however, I’m getting work from those who want to remember their pets in this way.
“I thought that it was such a good idea that I portrayed two of my own pets in this manner.”
Sirott-Cope’s approach to the work is a combination of technology and fine art techniques.
“What I do is to take a photo that I either scan or someone e-mails me,” she said. “I open it in Photoshop, filter it a couple of different ways and print it out in color. Then I go over it with colored pencils and finish it off with pastels. After that, I’ll either mount it on a tile or a piece of board and pour resin over the top.
“When the resin dries, the piece looks like it’s covered with glass. Not only does that protect the artwork, but it also gives it a nice finish. I then fit it with wire for hanging and ornament it with little ceramic bones. That gives the piece a nice whimsical feel.”
The artists in the exhibition are heavily involved in community outreach, Hawk said, and are finding creative ways to bring arts into the public arena. One recent event was organized by Art-Reach, a Philadelphia-based organization devoted to bringing the arts to under-served audiences. Each year, its programs enable more than 15,000 people with disabilities or economic disadvantages to gain exposure to artistic activities.
“Through Art-Reach, all of the artists painted a 6-foot by 6-foot mural in the lobby of St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua,” Hawk said. “The objective was to promote art in the context of a healing environment.
“In another event, Donna Howard and I painted a series of bras that were auctioned off to benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation.”
Hawk sees the efforts of the artists have made a definite stride toward exposing the public to all that the fine arts have to offer.
“The main thing is that the 263 Gallery has really put art on the map,” she said. “It encourages artists to pursue their dreams and connect with the community as a whole.”
Eric Stanway can be reached at or

Great Christmas party at 263 Art Gallery. December18th

Alene Sirott Cope waiting for the party to start

Alene's creations
Hsiu, Pat and Bud
Gay Gawron's art, by the way, the color of the candy wrappers was matching thanks to Merryll, our Christmas party decorator

Pat and Bud Steiner

do you see me in the mirror, Pat?

Marilene Sawaf paintings, meaning my paintings

 Steve Obermiller brings his friends to the party, here with Robert
MR Lee smiles surrounded by Hsiu and Pat

the gallery upstairs

the food upstairs with Monika's family

what did you say Jacqui?

why do you look at my painting Bruce?

music at the gallery

the room downstairs, lot of people there with all that chocolate and nuts

Fred, Bruce and Derek

Suzanne Binnie and Hsiu Norcott

Carole and Merryll

women talk

our guest Rosemary greeted by Hsiu

our best customers and friends

Hsiu, Pat and Bud

Bruce and Carole

Monika and Albine

Jean and Derek

Bruce and Fred again?

Hsiu sells a painting

Robert, Suzanne and Monika

what did you say Albine?

oh no, another sale? go for it Hsiu, you just sold him a painting of a lion!

Rosemary and Hsiu
did you see what I saw?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Steve Previte at 263 ART GALLERY

Special Exhibit to be held at 263 Art Gallery
Stephen Previte of Hollis will be the featured artist for the entire month of November in a special exhibit and sale to be held at 263 Art Gallery located at 263 Main Street, Nashua.
Previte is a local teaching artist who has received many awards for his oil paintings throughout New England for the past 30 years. Come to meet and speak with him at a gala opening reception on Saturday, November 5th from 12 to 6 P.M. Light refreshments will be served.
This coincides with the Nashua Art Walk of which 263 Gallery will be participating in. The Art Walk is a free event that will showcase local artists and creative downtown businesses.
In addition to the featured exhibit, there will also be an eclectic selection of other fine works of art in various mediums from a number of other great local and regional artists throughout the gallery.
For additional information contact owner Pong Maynard at 603-321-0233.