Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Christmas party at 263 Art Gallery. December18th

Alene Sirott Cope waiting for the party to start

Alene's creations
Hsiu, Pat and Bud
Gay Gawron's art, by the way, the color of the candy wrappers was matching thanks to Merryll, our Christmas party decorator

Pat and Bud Steiner

do you see me in the mirror, Pat?

Marilene Sawaf paintings, meaning my paintings

 Steve Obermiller brings his friends to the party, here with Robert
MR Lee smiles surrounded by Hsiu and Pat

the gallery upstairs

the food upstairs with Monika's family

what did you say Jacqui?

why do you look at my painting Bruce?

music at the gallery

the room downstairs, lot of people there with all that chocolate and nuts

Fred, Bruce and Derek

Suzanne Binnie and Hsiu Norcott

Carole and Merryll

women talk

our guest Rosemary greeted by Hsiu

our best customers and friends

Hsiu, Pat and Bud

Bruce and Carole

Monika and Albine

Jean and Derek

Bruce and Fred again?

Hsiu sells a painting

Robert, Suzanne and Monika

what did you say Albine?

oh no, another sale? go for it Hsiu, you just sold him a painting of a lion!

Rosemary and Hsiu
did you see what I saw?