Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grand Opening of 263 Art Gallery and One unique Boutique

Jacqueline Hawk and Hsiu Norcott next to Hsiu's painting

Jacqueline Hawk next to the late Ray  Rich Bliss who died in December of 2010

Ray explaining his paintings to Jacqui

a corner of the gallery

excellent food at the Opening

Oil Paintings by Marilene Sawaf

Chinese painting on silk by Hsiu Norcott

At left, scultpure by George Eross next to Marilene Sawaf paintings

stain glass staircase at the Gallery

George Eross sculpture

the beauty professionals

Pat Steiner and husband

Marilene Sawaf

Pat Steiner

Pat Hurd

Hsiu Norcott and Pong Maynard, the owner

Alene Sirott Cope and Marilene Sawaf

In October we had to the pleasure to participate in the grand Opening of the 263 Art Gallery. Pong Maynard, the owner of the beautiful Victorian house located at 263 Main street, decided to open a House of Beauty. The actual Art gallery is located on the second floor of the House while hairdressers, beauty professionals and massage therapists work on the first level of the house.


  1. Hi Pong,

    Congratulations. Very nicely done!
    Looking forward to your next open house.

    See you soon------Steve Previte

  2. Great job putting this together Marilene and thanks for the link to my website,-------Steve